Brad P. Butterworth, Esq.
Former special prosecutor

Virginia Bar
West Virginia Bar
National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
Virginia Trial Lawyers Association

Areas of Practice
Criminal, state and federal, appeals, drug cases
Traffic, juvenile criminal matters
Personal injury, auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, wrongful death
Divorce, child custody
Real Estate

Our preferred method of communication is by E-mail. This is simply because we are often in court, out of the office. We should be able to reply within a 24 hour cycle. Thank you for your patience. However, you can give us a telephone call as well.

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General district courts, circuit courts, court of appeals, federal court, including related appellate courts;

ē  Donít go to court without a lawyer.
ē  Donít ever talk to the police without first consulting a lawyer. That should be obvious, but it isnít.  
ē  Donít pay a serious traffic ticket or fine without first consulting a lawyer.
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